Monday, May 2, 2011

The Little Things.

It's the little things in life that make a difference. As we know, and I've said before, not only visually but emotionally. Something as simple as these Vintage Aunt Jemima Salt & Pepper Shakers make me feel so completely comfortable. I'm sure you think I'm coo coo for cocoa puffs BUT hear me out.

I've been looking at these tiny little shakers since I can remember. They've always had the same antique and unique vibe to them. When my family moved from Philadelphia to California 18 years ago these shakers made the 3,000 mile trip with us. They've survived three moves, the big 94' earthquake, and plenty of cooking fiascos in the kitchen. I never really thought twice about them until recently. It isn't everyday I get to come to my parent's cozy home, so when I do I now take time to appreciate the little things that make this STILL my home. My mom is an excellent decorator. Much like my previous post on The Details of my best friend Alex, my mom has kept her details an ongoing trademark in her years of building our home. I honestly think she keeps these knick knacks around to cater to my fear of change.

A quick glance at these small figures sends my mind flying back through the years they've been beside me. It's not what they are, what they feel like, or their purpose, but the awareness that they started THEIR lives sitting on top of a stove and now hold 25 + years of OUR lives. After that long the little things really don't seem so little anymore....

Unfortunately because I feel this way I have boxes upon boxes of these little things in my garage and I will argue anyone who says they won't be useful one day.....

I've actually come across a set of the same Vintage Aunt Jemima Shakers for sale online! If you dare to start your collection of memorable junk then check them out here!

Vintage Aunt Jemima Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.


  1. You may not remember but when we moved into our new house, Uncle Jemima somehow disappeared. We couldn't leave Aunt Jemima a widow so I hunted around and found a replacement Uncle salt shaker. A couple of years later, the original Uncle Jemima re-appeared. He had somehow fallen under the stove. Aunt J, now had two husbands!!! We reunited Aunt J with her original man and the replacement uncle is somewhere in the pantry closet, no doubt pining for his lost love.

  2. This post moved me to tears because Uncle and Aunt Jemima have been a part of my entire life. My beloved grandmother, Nora (Venerina DiFebbo Santeusanio) had them in her kitchen and when I can't remember, your dad and I got a pair it was like having her in my life again. In those two shakers are my best childhood memories. And now they have given you the same feeling of HOME, Abiding Love, and the comfort of the unchangeable.

  3. They're so cute! I always love vintage salt and pepper shakers! I would love to collect them one day and keep them for my future generations to marvel at, haha :-) xoxoxoo


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