Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eighteen Thousand Loves Of My Life.

Music is my therapy. I'm sure as one of my emotionally creative readers it is for you too. Thanks to the eclectic ears of my ex-boyfriend/great friend Bryan I have 18,000 songs on my iTunes that I will share with you weekly. I'll provide the artist, songs, and links to the album. Purchase anything that tickles your fancy! My playlists are usually all over the place, where as Bryan's can make a person melt. I will soon make him do a few for us! (Stay tuned for a post on that boy too...His visions for music and life will kinda blow your mind.)

Playlist For April 26, 2011:

1. Baaba Maal (Souka Nayo) - I will Follow You - Abductions & Reconstructions

2. Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks - Veckatimest

3. Bon Iver - Skinny Love - For Emma, Forever Ago

4. Broken Social Scene - Cocaine Skin - Arts & Crafts: Sampler Volume 4

5. Duffy - Ready For The Floor - Single -Hot Chip Cover

6. Elvis Presley - Suspicion - 50 Greatest Love Songs

7. Gorillaz - Broken - Plastic Beach

8. Paolo Nutini - No Other Way - Sunny Side Up

9. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill - Treats

10. Janis Joplin - Ball & Chain - 18 Essential Songs

11. Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel - Fool's Gold

12. Flying Lotus (Feat. Thom Yorke) - And The World Laughs With You - Cosmogramma

Monday, April 25, 2011


A picture text from a friend this weekend reminded me of my love for the playful street artist Becca. I went to an art gallery (about 5 years ago.....seriosuly, was it that long ago?) and compltely fell in love with her work. Street art in general gives me excitment quivers, but Becca in my opinion, is on another level. Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Invader...all amazing no doubt, but I find Becca speaks more to the ladies. Maybe it's because she is the only street artist that can get away with painting on the side of the Missoni store in Beverly Hills. Her characters emotionally remind me of my childhood and visually captivate me. There is something so innocent in the faces she paints, but the overall image still comes off more on the mature and raw side. Occasionally I will see her art around my house...on a building or in an alley, but her gallery was an experience of its own. I have yet to own a Becca but it's definitely a goal of mine. Check out her website here, maybe you can reach my goal before me. *Note* I will be seriously jealous. Artists are a topic I really want to continue to share with my wonderful readers. I feel that when you find one you connect with you share an inspiration and volcano of creativity erupts. A picture is worth a thousand word so I'm going end this here and let you decide...

Here's Becca...

Becca. Main St. Santa Monica.

Becca. Melrose Alley.

Becca. Unkown Area.

Becca. Painting.

Becca. Painting.

Images Via Google

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Tingles.

NO ONE can get in the way of me and my peppermint wipes. And honestly, I'm SO not a peppermint person. Every friend I have has made fun of me at some point or another because of my obsession with these glorious wipes. They are my solution to everything. Stomach ache? Headache? Can't sleep? Peppermint wipe!!!

A few years ago I was spending the night at Disneyland for a friends birthday when I came down with an annoying stomach ache. A girlfriend of mine offered me one of these Herban Essentials Peppermint Towelettes. Sure, why not? I'm at Disneyland (my favorite place EVER) I'd prefer not to be ill. I tore open the small package and the scent of peppermint hit my nose like a plastic surgeon ready to go to work. I rubbed it on my tummy for a good 30 seconds, a little cold at first, but once the tingles started hitting I was in HEAVEN. I felt so comfortable. My mind stopped racing, my muscles let go of all tension, and I was floating on an cloud made of essential oils. I immediately drifted off into a place of complete relaxation and was 100% ready to be bop around Disneyland the next day.

I'm constantly trying to get anyone and everyone to join my peppermint cult, but there has only been a handful of people who've actually committed. My mom for one. My brothers girlfriend (who calls them Peppermint Patties), and the occasional friend that is out of Pepto. Some people find the tingle effect too strong....Honestly, I'd have to call the Wahh-mbulance on them. Cry babies. They are perfect in every way. For some odd reason, I like to torture myself and only use one when I REALLY REALLY need to. Like it was the last bar of gold or something...Who knows. Some people get the tingles from a nice card or a bouquet of flowers. I unfortunately, but fortunately get them from a scented cloth.

.....Oh boy.

Herban Essentials has a full collection of these yummy wipes that I suggest you experiment with. I've tried the orange which work as a sanitizer, and the lavender which provides relaxation and also works as make-up remover. Random I know. They come 20 to a pack and are about $15.00 at Larchmont Beauty in LA. Out of town readers, check em' out here!!

Heaven. Has. A. Bowl
Peppermint. Towelette.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tomato. TomAHTO.

Introducing my cousin Billy!! Aka Willy Anne. The apple of my right eye, my other half, and the reason I laugh. We've spent most of our lives kickin' each others sides. We don't spend every minute together (or we would OFF each other), but NOTHING gets past one another. Willy is an extraordinary person and that is why, like my Grandparents, he will be a recurring character in this blog. He's definitely not a cameo type of guy.

I met Billy tonight for one of our usual shoot the shit weekly dinners. I wouldn't describe our dinners as another venting session. We barely ever have time to talk given all we do is laugh. After dinner I ran upstairs to take a peep in the edgy native american/grungy apartment he shares with his boyfriend Chris. Chris is a slender, Navajo meets Rock n' Roll, fabulously unique male. He has become the apple of my left eye, and yet another character you will grow fond of.

To emotionally go into depth about these two chaps right now would probably wind up being the first draft to a book I would then have to write, but I wanted to share this picture I snapped of B, C, and sweet little Agnes before I left tonight. A picture is really worth a thousand words and I don't think I need to say much about this one. They've been through their peaks and valleys but they always know where to find each other at the end of the day...Home. Sweet. Home.

Chris (Glasses). Billy. Agnes.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Details.

I've never paid too much attention to detail or perfecting things to their finest. I usually lose patience before that part. However, since I've known my best friend Alex (who you met in a previous post) I've slowly begun to change. It started off with making sure to get my weekly mani/pedi, and then went into having my purse perfectly organized (which still is a struggle), and now, it's all about home details. Still, while I'm off getting excited about shoes, she's falling in love with a new salt & pepper shaker.

Alex's life is always very in order. She's the only person I know (in their 20's) who will have a 9am meeting and be able to schedule 3 things before it. I, on the other hand, would like to sleep until 8:59. As the buyer/creative director for LF Stores it's her job to pay attention to the little details. Her quirky characteristics have carried her to success in work, but especially in her personal life. Her home to me is a place of peace. I go there to unwind, have a delicious home cooked meal, and see what new decor she has added (which I will most likely rip off). These details aren't just things. It's her outlet in life. It's just Alex. Heart, mind, and spirit.

After a fun fajita night in her kitchen we took some pictures of our favorite details in her home. When I asked her to describe emotionally how these little things made her feel, they all had a story. There was no just because I liked it. The dinosaur next to her bed reminds her of her favorite show, Dinoaurs, when she was a kid and bonding with her brother. The alien cactus, pink and green, in the kitchen is the first thing to greet her when she comes home and she loves to see how it morphs each day. Her bathroom has an all white classy hotel feel to it since work keeps her up in the air. The Jo Malone products are perfectly placed and refreshed for each guest that comes through the door. The look but don't touch Fornasetti pillows express an appreciation for design that she shares with her aunt. And last, the steel cowboy hat reminds her of her loving boyfriend, Danny, whose style can only be described as western & rugged.

There's a difference between a place you live and a home. Alex has created a home for herself and the people around her. The details about Alex have never been just visual. Thinking about it now I could actually refer to her as my young mom. She inspires me to create a life of my own and pay attention to those things that will be there for you at the end of the day.

For my best friend Alex. You will be a wonderful mother...

....Just remember you must always take care of me too!!

Pre-Historic Nightstand.

Kitchen Plant. Art by SA Richard.

Jo Malone Products.

Fornasetti Bed Pillow.

Western Lucite.

Dessert. Even That Looks Perfect.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This post is dedicated to all of my readers in high school relationships or who were in ones that still matter.

I have a thing where I remain friends with all of my ex boyfriends. Some people don't get it. But, they at one time connected with me and I feel ridding yourself of them completely takes a little bit of your spirit away. (Unless it's necessary, and then so be it.) I, luckily have always split with my exes on good terms and that's how this post comes into play.

When I was in 10th grade, there was a boy in my Art class. He was a senior, very popular, VERY cute, very talented, and for some reason liked ME. Meet Schuyler. He is now 27, lives in Oakland CA, is a brilliant artist, and has an insane personality. I don't mean crazy insane (maybe a little), I mean amazing insane. The words that come out of his mouth are very bold and unusually creative. He has a comical way of living his life and really impressed that upon me while we were together. I spent most of our relationship keeping him out of trouble while he taught me a free spirited way of living. Although he broke up with me outside of an 11th grade math class window in front of ALL our friends, we had a pretty fantastic relationship for two young kids. In spite of that scene we have remained close for about 9 years now...

Schuyler did a lot of funny and messed up shit in the first few years of our relationship/friendship. My most fond memory is around the time of his prom. I was hoping he would ask me even though we were sort of broken up. One day he came over to my desk in art class, looked at me and said, "Whatever happens just say yes." Of course this sent a million thoughts through my head about how HE was going to ask me be his date. Shortly thereafter the class room door swung open and another one of his friends came in and asked me to prom....with a dead rose! Needless to say I wound up going with his friend and was slightly bummed, but that pretty much describes Schuyler in a nutshell. Gotta love him...

We occasionally see each other when he is in town, and last night we both had a minute to video chat. It doesn't matter how much time has passed we always find a million ways to laugh at each other. We spent some time last night talking about the crazy things we used to do with our friends and agreeing that our relationship, as young as we were, really impacted the both of us. The rest of the time he gave me a tour of his apartment, showed me some cool plants, and then I watched him each chocolate ice cream.

I found some great pictures of us from back in the day, and had Schuyler send me a few of him today. That wasn't like pulling teeth or anything....

Point of this post. Take a minute to think about what you love about the people you are with. Friends, family, boyfriends/girlfriends. Don't get rid of 'em if you don't have to. They were put there for a reason.

Schuyler. Me. Sometime in 02/03'

Schuyler. Me. Graduation 02'. Top Of Colossus At Magic Mountain.

Schuyler. 11'

Schuyler. Art. 11'

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That Diner.

I got caught in a traffic detour yesterday and found myself stopped in front of Norms Diner on La Cienega. Back in January I would have never looked twice while driving by here, but I somewhat recently had a late night eating session here which fills my body with laughter, sadness, and the slight urge to vomit. After a night of drinking Lychee Martinis at Nick's Martini Lounge in Beverly Hills, I somehow wound up with three of my guy friends at a table in Norm's at 2am. I can't help but laugh when I think of this night because TO THIS DAY I get blamed for ordering the Chef's Sample Platter. For those of you who don't know, and WHY would you, the platter consists of fried shrimp (EW), mozzarella sticks, onion rings, honey mustard chicken fingers, and three kinds of dipping sauce. Note how I said EW after fried shrimp. EXACTLY. That shrimp came nowhere near my mouth but yet I still am known throughout my circle of friends as the fatty who ordered fried shrimp for the table. People who weren't even there called me the next day to ask me how the shrimp was. How fast word travels. After this deliciously drunk but disgustingly sober meal was over we were ready to leave and I somehow got stuck with the $40 bill. I guess it's a fair price to pay to be in the company of these wonderful boys. The point of this entry is no matter how fried food is, or how much money you spend on a shit load of calories, there are some memories that are worth the extra pounds. That night is forever imprinted on La Cienega Blvd.

Norms Diner.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I'm starting to feel some of my posts are going to need dedications. This post is dedicated to my best friend Alex, and all of my readers out there who love and live for their girl time!

Brunch on the weekends is one of my favorite things to do. It's a time to gossip, vent, and drink a much needed mimosa...or 10. This Saturday I had planned of having brunch at The Hudson in LA, but my best friend Alex pumped the breaks on that and suggested we try Eveleigh on Sunset. When Alex picks a place to eat it's not just for the food. She considers ambiance, decor, crowd, music, etc. It's one of the reasons I keep her around. Anyway, we walked into this joint and it was love at first sight. Taxidermy everywhere, textured wallpaper, a gorgeous patio, and a menu of perfect Saturday morning cocktails. We are big taste testers so we usually order a few things and share when we eat out. Yesterday, we decided to indulge in fluffy ricotta pancakes and a FULL egg breakfast. It was TO.DIE.FOR. The only complaint Alex had was there was too much pulp around the top of the mimosa glass. The many quirks of Alex and the reason I love her. She will soon become a very special person in your life as my blog unfolds.

One of the reasons my Saturday brunch is so important to me is it's a time to unwind with my girls. Alex and I had a more intimate brunch yesterday, just us two, and although most of it was spent setting up my new iPhone and eating, those few minutes we had to talk about our lives was that comfort we both need once a week. Alex is that friend who will hit you on the side of the head with her words when your being an idiot but there is something so warm about her spirit that your emotions just come pouring out around her. I swear, she has seen me cry more times in 7 years than my mom has in my whole lifetime. Well, that's probably not true, but you get what I'm saying.

I know how busy everyone is, but if you can make time once a weekend for brunch with your best friends I really recommend it. These are the times when you're older that you will look back on and have a reason to smile. Brunch is NEVER just brunch for me....

8752 West Sunset Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(424) 239-1620

Seriously, what's with the 424 area code?????????

Eveleigh. Taxidermy.

Self Portrait.

The Fabulous Alex.

Eggs. Over Medium. Sausage. Crispy Bacon. Potato Pancake.
Avocado Toast. Blood Orange. Homemade Ketchup Sauce.

Ricotta Pancakes. Need. I. Say. More.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


A song from my Grandmom to me:

The other night, dear,
As I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head and I cried.

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ang & Jess.

First, I'd like to dedicate this post to my readers who have lost their grandparents. I lost two years ago, and I know the day I loose these two my heart will be broken.

Where to start? Finding the right words to describe how much I love my Grandparents is going to be quite tricky. But oh well, let's give it a go. Meet Arcangelo & Jessie. I guess the best way to describe them would be Italian Oompa Loompas from South Philly. NOT. KIDDING. In their prime my Grandmom was a solid 5'0" and Grandpop about 5'4". Sadly for them, but AMAZING for the public, they're both down to a wee 4'6". Short they may be, but at 91 and 92 they be KICKIN'. Ang & Jess enjoy a stiff Martini, a good game of Chocolate Bingo, a round of Blackjack, and a night of dancing. ( Angelo is the DJ for their Senior Center.) After 67 years of marriage they are still very much in love and very much insane. Being in their presence is inspiring and always entertaining.

My Grandparents have touched the lives of every single person around them, and I think it's only fair they touch yours. I'd really like to introduce their story to you in stages, so consider this a meet & greet.

Below are some pictures I snapped of them today pre Blackjack. A sharp 2:30pm arrival for a 3pm game. I guess when you're that old you really have no reason to be late...

Grandpop & Grandmom.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


It would make most sense to introduce you to the two people who brought my sappy ass into this world. Their rules and morals were never anything I fought growing up. They were and are very supportive and full of life and love. They've been married for about 36 years now, and watching their relationship evolve since I've been a part of their life has been quite interesting. I will say, I definitely fight like my dad and forgive like my mom. My dad and I share the same lack of patience for day to day tasks, but we share that hunger to find the meaning of life and our purpose for being a part of it. I have the same tendency as my mom to wear my heart on my sleeve and be overly sensitive in situations. It can come off as annoying at times but it comes from a place of deep understanding and compassion. Without it, I couldn't write this blog. I don't think you can teach someone to love like you can teach them math or science. Although, no one could teach me that anyway. Sure, my parents have given me a laundry list of advice since I was a kid, but to see it is to know it. I'm never sure if they were and are aware of how much time I spend watching their relationship. Every time I visit them I learn something new and feel something different. As you get older your relationship and conversations with your parents become developed. You enter into a world that they are familiar with. In your mid 20's your usually fighting for some sort of relationship, career, or emotionally stability, and it's the first time you and your parents PROBABLY at the same time, have that in common. The things you start to talk about and emotional puddles you dip into can start to weigh in really heavy. I've been close with my parents since the day I was born, but I really believe this is the time that our relationship will blossom.

I won't say when I settle down I want my relationship to be just like my parents. There are times when those two fight like Philly bums on a corner. But that's what makes them Joe & Justine. They're unique, and COMPLETELY opposite on the emotional spectrum, but they work. And at the end of the day, they're probably exhausted and thinking about how they're going to get through the next. True fighters in love I say.

Mom & Dad. 1974. Airport Sheraton Pre Honeymoon.

Mom. 20 Years Old. 1974.
Airport Sheraton Pre Honeymoon.

Mom & Dad. July 30, 1986. The Day I was Born.

Mom & Dad. 2006. John Lennon & Yoko Ono Suite.
Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Montreal


This blog is dedicated to all of you fearless lovers, my loving family, my glamorous friends, and anyone who lives life by the beat of their heart. My name is Julie. I'm a fashion lover and a hopeless romantic. I've spent almost 25 years building an internal kaleidoscope in which I have learned to view the world through. As time goes by it continues to turn, the colors change, the shapes alternate, and a new vision is presented. Everything I see is through this kaleidoscope. It's not always exciting, and often sad, but the feeling of accomplishment and peace I get from that one beautiful image is well worth the wait. I invite you to explore the world as I see it and join me on this journey from deep within. I truly believe every situation has some sort of emotional meaning behind it. A simple breath of air might just be a breath on the surface, but you are breathing for something..or someone, right? A kaleidoscope may be beautiful but the image never makes sense and it's definitely all over the place, like me. However, there is something about that final vision that always winds up making sense. I'm confident that the world I plan to cover is one you will enjoy reading and use as an outlet whenever you need a good cry or smile. Feedback, suggestions, and comments are ALWAYS welcome. Here we go..