Monday, May 23, 2011

Chocolate Chip.

I recently had some corrective surgery on my upper female parts. No, I'm not becoming a porn star. I just had to fix a few things. Obviously I'm not a very private person in SOME aspects of my life. This being one. Anyway, I took a week off of work and when I came in today (not in the best of moods) I had a wonderful surprise waiting on my desk. A large Mrs. Fields titty cookie cake!!! Not only does this oversized mouth watering chocolate chip party in my mouth cookie make me SO happy but the fact that the people I work with actually make me want to get up and go into work. It's a rare occasion when you can combine your work life with your personal life and have it flow. I work with one of my very best guy friends and two gals who are now like my sisters. This cookie, like my job, and the wonderful people I work with has it all. Unfortunately at some point, probably by tomorrow I'd say, this cookie will be gone, but I plan to eat up this job for as long as I can. Another fun and funny gift to put in the idea box!!

AND check out my work site here!!

Chax: My work name. Short for Chacken. Changed from Chicken.


  1. Ha, this is brilliant! I love how your colleagues have a sense of humor. And any cookie is a good gift I think.

  2. You're so lucky! That sounds like a wonderful job to me! Hope you feel better soon and there's nothing like a big chocolate cake to cheer things up! xxoxooo

  3. Haha! This is really cute! It's definitely rare to have a place you work where you LOVE it and it meshes well with your personal life. Cute post!

    Check out my blog some time at!

  4. HA! I love this! I got my boobs done and I absolutely love them so I hope you enjoy as well! Also, so jealous they got this cake because when I tried to get one for my friend (who also got her boobs done) Great American Cookie told me they could not write anything about "boobs" on a cake, even if only suggestive.

    Love your blogs! You have a great eye and are really creative.


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