Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Details.

I've never paid too much attention to detail or perfecting things to their finest. I usually lose patience before that part. However, since I've known my best friend Alex (who you met in a previous post) I've slowly begun to change. It started off with making sure to get my weekly mani/pedi, and then went into having my purse perfectly organized (which still is a struggle), and now, it's all about home details. Still, while I'm off getting excited about shoes, she's falling in love with a new salt & pepper shaker.

Alex's life is always very in order. She's the only person I know (in their 20's) who will have a 9am meeting and be able to schedule 3 things before it. I, on the other hand, would like to sleep until 8:59. As the buyer/creative director for LF Stores it's her job to pay attention to the little details. Her quirky characteristics have carried her to success in work, but especially in her personal life. Her home to me is a place of peace. I go there to unwind, have a delicious home cooked meal, and see what new decor she has added (which I will most likely rip off). These details aren't just things. It's her outlet in life. It's just Alex. Heart, mind, and spirit.

After a fun fajita night in her kitchen we took some pictures of our favorite details in her home. When I asked her to describe emotionally how these little things made her feel, they all had a story. There was no just because I liked it. The dinosaur next to her bed reminds her of her favorite show, Dinoaurs, when she was a kid and bonding with her brother. The alien cactus, pink and green, in the kitchen is the first thing to greet her when she comes home and she loves to see how it morphs each day. Her bathroom has an all white classy hotel feel to it since work keeps her up in the air. The Jo Malone products are perfectly placed and refreshed for each guest that comes through the door. The look but don't touch Fornasetti pillows express an appreciation for design that she shares with her aunt. And last, the steel cowboy hat reminds her of her loving boyfriend, Danny, whose style can only be described as western & rugged.

There's a difference between a place you live and a home. Alex has created a home for herself and the people around her. The details about Alex have never been just visual. Thinking about it now I could actually refer to her as my young mom. She inspires me to create a life of my own and pay attention to those things that will be there for you at the end of the day.

For my best friend Alex. You will be a wonderful mother...

....Just remember you must always take care of me too!!

Pre-Historic Nightstand.

Kitchen Plant. Art by SA Richard.

Jo Malone Products.

Fornasetti Bed Pillow.

Western Lucite.

Dessert. Even That Looks Perfect.


  1. Great pictures - they capture the fun/organized/unique/classy essence of Alex perfectly!

  2. ♥nice post.)) love your blog♥


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