Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mot Pour Amoureux.

I saw Midnight In Paris tonight. As a huge Woody Allen fan I wasn't expecting anything but amazing. However, in this case I would use the words simply and charming to describe this lovely story. I really think this movie came out at the perfect time in my life. I'm obviously not going to go into details for those who haven't seen it yet but I feel incredibly fulfilled and connected on the emotional scale right now. Happy, sad, enlightened, hopeful.....It's all there. Paris has always struck a tender nerve for me...more so this past year than ever, and I really hope to make it back there some day.....

It would be wonderful to be in love in Paris but I think the city itself is full of enough to get by.....

Images Via Tumblr

On pardonne tant que l'on aime


  1. I really wanted to see that movie! I too dream of living in Paris one day! xoxoxoo

  2. These photos make me miss Europe so much!

  3. love these photos, wish i was back in paris!x

  4. Lovely photos especially love the last picture!


  5. I'll definitely have to check this out (haven't seen it yet), especially considering I spent the last two years living in Paris.


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