Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My style ranges but a staple that you will usually see me in is one of my vintage tees. I have a specific drawer for the ones I wear the most and an area on the top of my closet where I keep the tees that I never wear but have no interest in getting rid of. Not only does the combination of that amazing soft poly/cotton worn fabric give me the biggest excitement quivers but every shirt I have has a story that is special only to me. That of course is what makes it vintage. It is vintage for me and before me vintage for someone else. Kinda fun to wonder where these shirts have been? And before a good wash and dry kinda disgusting. Below are a few of my favorites.....Got one?

The Collection. Some of it.
Black Flag. Would sell for a BOAT LOAD on Ebay.
Given to me by my ex-boyfriend Bryan.
Probably the most special tee I have.
Monkeys Tee.
A gem I found in a pile of shirts at a warehouse in Gardena.
My brother and I have a serious love for Monkeys.
My signature Vintage Cut.
GG Allin.
A fan of his and another given to me by my ex
on a day I was panicked for a new shirt.
Signature cut.
Hardware Doin' It.
My Dad's Band shirt from the 70's.
Man...What this thing has probably been through.
A VERY special shirt. More of a show piece than a wear & wash.
Cactus Tee. Gardena Warehouse find.
So fitting with my style.
New Orleans Tee.
A Jet Rag Dollar Sale Find on a Hot Summer Sunday.
Lakers. Wilt Chamberlain Tee.
Wasteland on Melrose.
Bought for $16. This shit goes for $$$$ on Ebay.
Samhain Tee.
An Ebay surprise from my ex.
Clearly he understands my love for Vintage.
Especially when it's a good band tee.


  1. Great tees! Bonus points for the cactus one.


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