Monday, May 9, 2011

Sun And Shades.

I had an absolutely fabulous time in the desert this past weekend. A weekend away with a few of my best friends and my fabulous cousin is just what the doctor ordered. Seriosuly. I've had strep for the past two weeks. My NUMBER 1 suggestion while in Palm Springs (aside from sipping an AM Pina Colada) is to stop at Norma's Restaurant in the Parker Hotel and indulge in the Real Tuna Tuna Salad Sandwich. Oh. My. God. I've never been a big tuna person but holy hell this sandwich has been something we have all been longing for since our last visit to PS. The multi-grain bread and their secret tuna creation goes down OH so smooth. Of course, leave it to me to have the number 1 thing to do involve stuffing your face. But come on, vacation is everyones excuse to eat what they want. Right?

It's not rare, but never easy to plan a group trip at this age. I have really learned to embrace each and every vacation/weekend getaway I get to share with my friends. Every laugh is one I will continue to laugh about, every picture is one I will continue to glance at, and every memory is a story that will continue to be told.

Until the next trip......We are thinking Catalina. Old School.


The Real Tuna Tuna Salad Sandwich.

Myself. Cousin Billy.

Alex. CC. Myself. ( Missing Our Jackie)

Billy. The Parker Doors.


  1. the sandwich sounds so good! im a big tuna fan :) and i love what you did to these pictures

  2. Sounds like an awesome trip! I'm craving for some tuna sandwiches now..kind of regretting not buying it from the grocery store! xoxoxoo

  3. i'm lovin this pictures, especially the first one, it's like smellin the sun and the hot air while lookin at it.

  4. oh my favorite, tuna salad sandwich!


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