Friday, May 13, 2011

Surfs Up.

...To Be read as if it were yesterday. Thanks blogger for being down all day.

Today is a day I really appreciate that my family and friends have their health. But today is also a day I really question why certain people do not. My best friend of 19 years recently lost the light of her life. Her father, John. This is a hard subject to write about not only because it's heart breaking, but never having lost a family member that close to me I'm not quite sure how to write about it. So here it goes....

John lived on the gorgeous island of Maui. Now, I was only in his company a few times, but he was on of those people I knew really well given my friendship with Jess. He was sarcastic, loving, and a wonderful role model for my best friend. I got to know him a little better in my late teens/early twenties and I really started to see a lot of him in Jess. He was ill for quite a few years....I think it was 13 to be exact, so using the word fighter to describe him is a pretty big understatement. Jess and I swear it's because he lived in such a peaceful place he was able to enjoy more of his life then some expected. We've both agreed if we ever get sick (knock on wood) that we will retire to Hawaii and live it up like her dad did. Surfing and sun.

Jessica is one of my strongest friends. It's a rare day that she breaks down and cries. She has definitely had a few bumps in the road of life but she really has it together. I usually cry over a silly boy or slamming my finger in a door like an idiot, and when I call her hysterical her response to me....Jules, It's all relevant. Go ahead and cry. Amazing right? Someone who has been through the worst, but will still sit on the phone and listen to me bitch and moan about the littlest thing. Jess doesn't have to try or work at being a best friend. She just is. I really do believe that if you understand the true meaning of friendship you will be blessed with a Jessica in your life.

John passed away exactly 6 months ago today in the arms of Jessica. I consider her lucky it happened that way because his spirit didn't get too far. Don't get my wrong....he's for sure be boppin' and roaming around the world finding the best waves to ride, but man if I don't see him in Jessica I'm crazy. Every time I see her she looks a little more like him, is a little bit stronger, and has another idea about life that her Dad would be so proud of.

To my's too short to get caught up in the little things. If you have a Jessica, make sure you keep her around. You'll learn a lot from her. And she most likely has a kick ass Dad!!!!!

R.I.P John. Miss you. And your homemade Yams.

Jessica & John.


  1. beautiful Jules. Those that are lucky enough to call Jess a friend are truly blessed...I would know.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about her dad! May he rest in peace! xoxooo


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