Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eighteen Thousand Loves Of My Life.

Music is my therapy. I'm sure as one of my emotionally creative readers it is for you too. Thanks to the eclectic ears of my ex-boyfriend/great friend Bryan I have 18,000 songs on my iTunes that I will share with you weekly. I'll provide the artist, songs, and links to the album. Purchase anything that tickles your fancy! My playlists are usually all over the place, where as Bryan's can make a person melt. I will soon make him do a few for us! (Stay tuned for a post on that boy too...His visions for music and life will kinda blow your mind.)

Playlist For April 26, 2011:

1. Baaba Maal (Souka Nayo) - I will Follow You - Abductions & Reconstructions

2. Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks - Veckatimest

3. Bon Iver - Skinny Love - For Emma, Forever Ago

4. Broken Social Scene - Cocaine Skin - Arts & Crafts: Sampler Volume 4

5. Duffy - Ready For The Floor - Single -Hot Chip Cover

6. Elvis Presley - Suspicion - 50 Greatest Love Songs

7. Gorillaz - Broken - Plastic Beach

8. Paolo Nutini - No Other Way - Sunny Side Up

9. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill - Treats

10. Janis Joplin - Ball & Chain - 18 Essential Songs

11. Fool's Gold - Surprise Hotel - Fool's Gold

12. Flying Lotus (Feat. Thom Yorke) - And The World Laughs With You - Cosmogramma


  1. I love the Duffy's Cover of Hot Chips Ready for the floor.



  2. I'm always curious about other people's favorite music because that way, I discover new music that I can add to my own playlist. You have a great taste! xooxoxo

  3. I have not been into music since I stopped shuttling you from school to dance classes and boyfriend rendezvous(es)! So this is kinda of like driving in the car listening to all your favorites ... I remember when UMM BOP ... and the Hanson boys were your heart throbs so this list is interesting and eclectic ... but you still like the BEEB! a Hanson wanna be! HAHHHAHAHA!

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