Thursday, April 7, 2011


This blog is dedicated to all of you fearless lovers, my loving family, my glamorous friends, and anyone who lives life by the beat of their heart. My name is Julie. I'm a fashion lover and a hopeless romantic. I've spent almost 25 years building an internal kaleidoscope in which I have learned to view the world through. As time goes by it continues to turn, the colors change, the shapes alternate, and a new vision is presented. Everything I see is through this kaleidoscope. It's not always exciting, and often sad, but the feeling of accomplishment and peace I get from that one beautiful image is well worth the wait. I invite you to explore the world as I see it and join me on this journey from deep within. I truly believe every situation has some sort of emotional meaning behind it. A simple breath of air might just be a breath on the surface, but you are breathing for something..or someone, right? A kaleidoscope may be beautiful but the image never makes sense and it's definitely all over the place, like me. However, there is something about that final vision that always winds up making sense. I'm confident that the world I plan to cover is one you will enjoy reading and use as an outlet whenever you need a good cry or smile. Feedback, suggestions, and comments are ALWAYS welcome. Here we go..

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  1. You rock! I love your passion and your drive! Can't wait to hear what you have to say :-) XX


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