Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Tingles.

NO ONE can get in the way of me and my peppermint wipes. And honestly, I'm SO not a peppermint person. Every friend I have has made fun of me at some point or another because of my obsession with these glorious wipes. They are my solution to everything. Stomach ache? Headache? Can't sleep? Peppermint wipe!!!

A few years ago I was spending the night at Disneyland for a friends birthday when I came down with an annoying stomach ache. A girlfriend of mine offered me one of these Herban Essentials Peppermint Towelettes. Sure, why not? I'm at Disneyland (my favorite place EVER) I'd prefer not to be ill. I tore open the small package and the scent of peppermint hit my nose like a plastic surgeon ready to go to work. I rubbed it on my tummy for a good 30 seconds, a little cold at first, but once the tingles started hitting I was in HEAVEN. I felt so comfortable. My mind stopped racing, my muscles let go of all tension, and I was floating on an cloud made of essential oils. I immediately drifted off into a place of complete relaxation and was 100% ready to be bop around Disneyland the next day.

I'm constantly trying to get anyone and everyone to join my peppermint cult, but there has only been a handful of people who've actually committed. My mom for one. My brothers girlfriend (who calls them Peppermint Patties), and the occasional friend that is out of Pepto. Some people find the tingle effect too strong....Honestly, I'd have to call the Wahh-mbulance on them. Cry babies. They are perfect in every way. For some odd reason, I like to torture myself and only use one when I REALLY REALLY need to. Like it was the last bar of gold or something...Who knows. Some people get the tingles from a nice card or a bouquet of flowers. I unfortunately, but fortunately get them from a scented cloth.

.....Oh boy.

Herban Essentials has a full collection of these yummy wipes that I suggest you experiment with. I've tried the orange which work as a sanitizer, and the lavender which provides relaxation and also works as make-up remover. Random I know. They come 20 to a pack and are about $15.00 at Larchmont Beauty in LA. Out of town readers, check em' out here!!

Heaven. Has. A. Bowl
Peppermint. Towelette.


  1. They sound like a miracle product! xoxoxo

  2. Who knew!!!???? Aren't you just a box full of chacken ideas! Love it!

  3. Nice post...interesting product!

    Happy Easter!


  4. ok, so you sold me on the peppermint wipes. must get them now. will join your peppermint cult!! i need to know more about this amazingness.....what else do they work on?! and thank you so much for your rad comments!! peppermintastic!!

    ashley <3

  5. yes please. where can i buy? can you please sling some in your handbag for me during our infamous TBD drinks date?




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