Monday, April 25, 2011


A picture text from a friend this weekend reminded me of my love for the playful street artist Becca. I went to an art gallery (about 5 years ago.....seriosuly, was it that long ago?) and compltely fell in love with her work. Street art in general gives me excitment quivers, but Becca in my opinion, is on another level. Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Invader...all amazing no doubt, but I find Becca speaks more to the ladies. Maybe it's because she is the only street artist that can get away with painting on the side of the Missoni store in Beverly Hills. Her characters emotionally remind me of my childhood and visually captivate me. There is something so innocent in the faces she paints, but the overall image still comes off more on the mature and raw side. Occasionally I will see her art around my house...on a building or in an alley, but her gallery was an experience of its own. I have yet to own a Becca but it's definitely a goal of mine. Check out her website here, maybe you can reach my goal before me. *Note* I will be seriously jealous. Artists are a topic I really want to continue to share with my wonderful readers. I feel that when you find one you connect with you share an inspiration and volcano of creativity erupts. A picture is worth a thousand word so I'm going end this here and let you decide...

Here's Becca...

Becca. Main St. Santa Monica.

Becca. Melrose Alley.

Becca. Unkown Area.

Becca. Painting.

Becca. Painting.

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  1. Julie-

    I totally get what you mean about appealing to the ladies! Definitely plays to a girl's childhood, perhaps a whimsical, fantasy version of one that we lived. By the way, do you remember the book "Mandy" by Julie Andrews... I think we both read it in middle school. It reminds me of that! Hope you're doing well & I love your blog! <3

    -Kristina B.

  2. I love the Becca paintings! There's something so pure about her art! xoxoxoo


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