Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This post is dedicated to all of my readers in high school relationships or who were in ones that still matter.

I have a thing where I remain friends with all of my ex boyfriends. Some people don't get it. But, they at one time connected with me and I feel ridding yourself of them completely takes a little bit of your spirit away. (Unless it's necessary, and then so be it.) I, luckily have always split with my exes on good terms and that's how this post comes into play.

When I was in 10th grade, there was a boy in my Art class. He was a senior, very popular, VERY cute, very talented, and for some reason liked ME. Meet Schuyler. He is now 27, lives in Oakland CA, is a brilliant artist, and has an insane personality. I don't mean crazy insane (maybe a little), I mean amazing insane. The words that come out of his mouth are very bold and unusually creative. He has a comical way of living his life and really impressed that upon me while we were together. I spent most of our relationship keeping him out of trouble while he taught me a free spirited way of living. Although he broke up with me outside of an 11th grade math class window in front of ALL our friends, we had a pretty fantastic relationship for two young kids. In spite of that scene we have remained close for about 9 years now...

Schuyler did a lot of funny and messed up shit in the first few years of our relationship/friendship. My most fond memory is around the time of his prom. I was hoping he would ask me even though we were sort of broken up. One day he came over to my desk in art class, looked at me and said, "Whatever happens just say yes." Of course this sent a million thoughts through my head about how HE was going to ask me be his date. Shortly thereafter the class room door swung open and another one of his friends came in and asked me to prom....with a dead rose! Needless to say I wound up going with his friend and was slightly bummed, but that pretty much describes Schuyler in a nutshell. Gotta love him...

We occasionally see each other when he is in town, and last night we both had a minute to video chat. It doesn't matter how much time has passed we always find a million ways to laugh at each other. We spent some time last night talking about the crazy things we used to do with our friends and agreeing that our relationship, as young as we were, really impacted the both of us. The rest of the time he gave me a tour of his apartment, showed me some cool plants, and then I watched him each chocolate ice cream.

I found some great pictures of us from back in the day, and had Schuyler send me a few of him today. That wasn't like pulling teeth or anything....

Point of this post. Take a minute to think about what you love about the people you are with. Friends, family, boyfriends/girlfriends. Don't get rid of 'em if you don't have to. They were put there for a reason.

Schuyler. Me. Sometime in 02/03'

Schuyler. Me. Graduation 02'. Top Of Colossus At Magic Mountain.

Schuyler. 11'

Schuyler. Art. 11'


  1. It's good that you remained friends with your exboyfriends! He seemed like such a nice guy! I love the photos!

    As for me, my two previous relationships had ended very badly. In an epic way. So I never spoke to my exboyfriends anymore. I can't talk to someone who hurt me in a most horrible's just too hard. xoxxooo

  2. i too have remained friends with my of my exes. i just feel they contributed to who i am today, whether they were good or bad for me. i totally get it.

  3. Friends, Family, your life forms you to the person that you are.

    So I hope to be inspired by the right persons.
    By the way: cool photo the last one!

    kind regards from Germany


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